This is a private website for clients of Executive Mentoring and Coaching and paid subscribers to My Coach’s Notes – The Real Thing newsletter

The techniques and behaviors presented on this website and in the newsletters are what we call ‘sticky information’ because once you are touched by it and understand that it works, you own it. It will stick to you forever. You can’t unlearn it.

Some of these techniques look like parlor tricks or magic because they work so well. They are easy to learn and you will NEVER forget them. Using these techniques makes you dangerous because you are using them at a conscious level to achieve your outcomes. The ‘danger’ comes from your focus on behavior based outcomes and the fact that you can see more of the world than those around you.

Armed with these techniques your success arrives quicker than you expected. Today you can go out into the world and use them to your benefit. It is in the doing one succeeds. Knowledge is useless if not applied to behavior.

The commonality you share with others reading these words is you have or will soon have a coaching session with a person who will change your life forever in less than 20 minutes. Be ready and rejoice.

How’s That Working for You?

How is That Working for You? People hate change above everything else. The toughest, most efficient managers have an expression: ‘What have you done for me today?’ This forces their people to step forward using new and different methods to please their boss and make more money. Any success accomplished in the past added wisdom …

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Private Coaching Sessions

Private In-person Coaching Available Private in-person coaching sessions available by arrangement. These sessions require no commitment agreement. Your requirement is to show up and pay for the time. The sessions take place in a beautiful setting overlooking Swift Creek Reservoir in Woodlake. They last for at least an hour and on occasion up to two …

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